M. Javad Omidi,Ph.D.

Isfahan University of Technology

Software Defined Radio

Spring 2009 Term Projects:

- An overview of the IEEE 802.22 standard

- An Introduction to Software Communication Architecture (SCA)

- A Review of Beam-Forming Methods

- Cognitive Ultra Wideband Radio

- Embedded processors

- IEEE 1900.4: Standard for Optimized Radio Resource usage in Composite Wireless Networks

- Modified Rate Control Algorithm For Wireless Cognitive Radio Networks

- MultiCarrier Communication and Cognitive Radio

- Security in Software Defined & Cognitive Radio

- Spatial and Temporal Communication TheoryUsing Adaptive Antenna Array

- Spectrum Sensing Based on Cyclostationarity

- Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks

- Out of Band and ICI Reduction Techniques

- Introduction to some of open-source SDR projects

- Spectrum Sensing Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Applications



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